Words of Wisdom from the Stars

Things that all of us ladies would do well to keep in mind!

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"She loved life too much. She was a brave woman.” - Tony Costello

"She loved life too much. She was a brave woman.” - Tony Costello

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I think the goal for every Old Hollywood fan is to have Robert Osborne’s job @ TCM

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So in a couple weeks I’m flying to Colorado with my dad and we’re going to drive around the four corners for a week, see a bunch of cool nature stuff. I’m really stoked, because I love Colorado and have wanted to go back for a long time now. You can actually breathe out there and see the stars. Since we’ll be in the car most of the time I’m trying to create a super epic road trip mix and I need suggestions! I’m looking for either good driving songs or songs that make you think of going through the mountains or desert. Help! Give me songs! I’ve already got a bunch of Neil Young, America, and Cat Stevens, so that’s the general vibe I’m going for, but I’m open to all suggestions!



The Monkees Flick Out! Flip, November 1967 via (X)

I love them on both sides of the camera!

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